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Trauma Recovery Coaching and Mentoring

Trauma Recovery Coaching and Mentoring provide a supportive relationship that allows one to develop new skills, explore new ideas and achieve personal growth.

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The Art of a Great Conversation 

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Trauma Recovery Coaching

I help individuals understand their stories and help them learn how to deal with trauma in healthy ways, develop resiliency, and positively impact their

mental health and well-being. 

Change starts with a simple step. 

Schedule your no-cost discovery call to learn more about working together.

What people are saying

"When we meet you make me feel like I’m the most important person in the room. Your verbal and non- verbal skills are crafted by your hard-earned beliefs and values of caring and hard-won knowledge and wisdom. You make soft and empathic eye contact; your tone of voice is soft, your words careful, your speech is measured, and you are a good listener. You can create warm, trusting emotional intimacy. That’s a precious gift."

David Whitley



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